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Wellbeing – Affirmations for Chakras 1-7

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Wellbeing – Affirmations for Chakras 1-7

In these affirmations, Amelia uses the power of energy activation and story to write an affirmation that includes “that which must shift” to allow you to partner with the new re-patterned state with more empowerment.

Affirmations are short statements that “assert a truth” for the body, mind, or Spirit. Affirmations have been clinically shown to be effective in healing, recovery, and psychological resourcing.

Track 1: Root Chakra (1st) – Remembering Perfect Health

Track 2: Sacral Chakra (2nd) – Partnering with the Creative

Track 3: Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd) – Standing in Your Integrity

Track 4: Heart Chakra (4th) – Evolving Love

Track 5: Throat Chakra (5th) – Replacing Darkness with Truth

Track 6: Brow Chakra (6th) - Receiving Revelation

Track 7: Crown Chakra (7th)  - Living Love

Historically, affirmations are typically written as one short line, in the first person and in the present tense.


The new affirmation formula includes an empowered journey that specifically languages the change needed to adopt a new truth.

I have always been dissatisfied with the way in which traditional affirmations landed in my energy system,” says the producer, speaker, and writer Amelia.  “I wasn’t able to connect with the journey; I didn’t feel empowered; I always felt as though the desired state was separate from me, even as I languaged it. So, I set off to find a new way to write and work with affirmations…

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