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To heal means to meet ourselves in a new way –
in the newness of each moment where all is possible and nothing is limited to the past.

– Steven Levine “Healing into Light and Death”

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One-on-One Support from Amelia Vogler

Consultations by phone or video call no matter where you live in the World.


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New Client Consultations

New Client FREE 30 Minute Consultation
For new clients who want to see if our working together is a good fit.


Established Client Consultations

For existing clients who want to continue the journey, e-mail us.



The Healing Space
Janice Leung

“It has been such a blessing to have Amelia support me on my journey. Amelia is a beautiful soul and truly a gifted healer; a unique alchemy of her gifts of clear knowing, wisdom, deep compassion, and an incredibly generous open-heartedness. She shows up to each engagement with such care and deeply rooted presence that I immediately feel more grounded and open hearted in her field. Our sessions together have been powerful, resulting in profound insights and deep healing. Amelia is an angel of healing, and I am so grateful to have her walk with me on my journey of self actualization. ”


New Client Foundation Session

New Client Healing Consultation (2 Hours) $485


Healing & Mentoring

Healing Consultation (55 Mins) $250

Healing Intensive (30 Mins) $185

Intuitive e-Reading $185

Spiritual or Professional Mentoring Package (3 Months) $2,350



Bio-Energetic Energy Mapping Assessment  $350

Personalized Brainwave Therapy $185

Transformational Classes and
Soul-Affirming Programs with Amelia


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Transformational Classes and
Soul-Affirming Programs with Amelia


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