Healing Consultations

An introduction about our private one-on-one healing consultations.

I’m here to hold a sacred mirror to help us see what might be hidden, offer resource where needed, and support you living from your authentic self, speaking your truth,  offering yourself fully to the world. In other words, we work together to help you regain your grounding, settle your nervous system, and allow you to flow in life grounded between your body and your Spirit.

As a highly trained spiritual mentor and natural energy healer, I am skilled at finding and helping you shift dis-serving patterns in your life. These patterns can be thoughts about how the world treats you or beliefs about how you live. Although you will always carry your history, healing is not about erasing patterns; it’s about loosening their hold over you, which can manifest in worry, anxiety, unsettling feelings, or dis-serving limiting beliefs.

During our sessions, we’ll focus on treating the whole person, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. We’ll listen to all the forces affecting you, some of which may be coming from long ago or early-life programs, to address the foundation of your issue.

Our work together will be gentle, creative, and empowering. Mystery, miracles, art, and wonder are all essential components of healing, along with energetic resources and education offered at a pace and time that is relevant and not overwhelming.

If you’re looking for someone to “fix” your problems, I am not the right fit for you. However, if you’re seeking a partner to lead you to the well of your healing and work with you until your goals are met, you’re in the right place.

Let’s work together to uncover the roots of your limiting beliefs and physical issues and unlock your true potential and essence.  Please schedule a FREE consultation and let's chat; It may well be that I have the keys to help you open the doors to the grounded life you've been wishing for.


Common patterns that I successfully work with:

“I don’t feel like I belong here.”
“I don’t feel grounded or connected to this planet or my body.”
“I don’t stay in my body.”
“I don’t feel whole.”
“I feel that something is missing from me.”
“I don’t feel seen for who I am.”
“I don’t feel understood.”
“I don’t feel safe.”
“My body doesn’t feel safe for me to live in.”
“I don’t feel like my body is my body”
“I don’t feel worthy of people paying me for my service.”
“I am not worthy of love.”
“I am not loveable.”
“I can’t complete things.”
“I don’t feel valuable or valued”
“I don’t feel like I can connect with Spirit/God”
“I don’t feel like I will ever be physically well.”

The Healing Space
Belinda Womack - Author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life

“Amelia is a real and bonafide Angel living inside her human Being. The healing energy and intuitive insight that comes through her is fantastically powerful, all-loving, clear, and miraculous. The gratitude that I feel for “Angel Amelia’s” X-ray vision and ability to move out crystalized pain from over 2000 miles away is infinite in depth and width. And one more thing, I rarely ask for human help and Amelia’s help is nothing less than God’s pure grace.”

Author of Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life

The Healing Space

“It’s been about 1 month since our New Client session when we worked on one of my core limiting beliefs.   The most significant shift that I’ve noticed is that I no longer feel the intense self-hatred that had plagued me all my life.  I can’t even begin to tell you what a relief this is for me.  I can also sense there is more space that has opened up inside of me.  I can sense an aliveness stirring within.”

The Healing Space

“After our session yesterday, upon waking this morning, I feel different in my spirit. I feel more “free”. I woke up this morning ready to face my new perspective on life with confidence and hope and excitement. Thank you, my soul sister, for being there for me, for your continued support and love, and for your commitment to making a difference for so many.”

Dayton, OH

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Information and Pricing

Working together

Ground, heal, and grow through private healing consultations.

Step 1: We begin with a free consultation to connect.  I'll listen to what prompted this healing inquiry and together we'll decide if we're a good fit.  (After all, finding the right practitioner to support your unique healing journey is crucial. If we don’t feel like a good match, I’m happy to refer you to someone who may be better suited for your needs.). In this call, I can also answer your question about where to start. Some individuals, especially those with physical issues, like to start with bio-field therapeutics where others feel most supported in traditional healing consultations explored on this page.

Step 2: If we decide that a private healing consultation is the perfect next step, we’ll have a New Client Foundation Consultation where we’ll identify the root of the energy pattern that needs clearing. Most of the time, we can address this in the first session and my clients often experience significant breakthroughs and new patterning in this session.  (Still, there are times when we may require additional sessions.)

Step 3: Following the Foundation Session, you’ll have a week of text messaging support to help you integrate and process your appointment. This allows for continuity of support so that you can ask questions and reflect on your progress.

Step 4: We’ll work together to determine your healing journey’s best course of action. Many clients continue to work with me through mentorship, small-group healing formats called Journey Groups, or individual sessions of varying types. Whatever our path, it will become known in perfect time and I am dedicated to ensuring you get the support you need when it feels most generative and important for you.

My ultimate goal is to help you move towards a resilient and empowered felt sense of self-love and authentic grounding. Together, we’ll rediscover what it means to live a grounded life - connected between the safe home of your body and the wonderment of being connected to Spirit.

The Consultation Types

New Client Foundation Consultation (2 Hours)

The intention of this session is to provide a new energetic foundation for you as you continue to navigate this unbelievably miraculous, challenging experience we call life.

Prior to this session, you will fill out an extensive (but easy) intake form.  This form becomes the guide for our first session. We use the fixtures of your personal story to illuminate energetic patterns and establishes a baseline for our work together.

During this call, I listen through the myriad of ways I see, sense, and experience energy with aim to help connect the pieces of your energetic puzzle. I’ll be tracking sensations in both our bodies (even over the phone); listening to the energetic metaphor and story; assessing the energy flow through your energy systems to discover areas that need to be addressed; and throughout the call answering your needs through deep and impactful healing work.

In this session, you will receive:

  • Energetic Assessment (I will do a brief assessment prior to the session to help guide us and comprehensive one during session.)
  • Intuitive reading of the root issue/s (these could be from this lifetime, an experience picked up in utero, or even a past life).
  • We hold 2 hours for our session and it will flow through the following:
    • Personal history discussion
    • Intuitive and energetic explanation of energy patterns
    • Core energy re-patterning treatment
    • Discussion of plan
  • Aftercare secure text-message or e-mail-based support for a week as you integrate and process the work.

Pricing:  $485

Continuing with your New Foundation..

The majority of my clients have significant shifts in their Foundation consultation find that they have a stronger sense of self and an easier connection with the world around them.   

Additional consultations are available with flexibility. Life moves us through peaks and valleys and I can be a guide these and the space between.

Occasionally, we will find an area of your body or life that might be best served by bio-field therapeutics. Appreciating the rapidly growing technical field, you will find brainwave therapeutics and bio-field holographic assessments available for precise targeted treatment.

Some appreciate consistent ongoing support which manifests in monthly consultations or on-going Spiritual mentorship.

Some like to ask questions through my e-mail Readings and receive intuitive guidance to help them over a specific blind patch.

Some prefer to drop in every 3-6 months or once a year for a drop-in session.

And then, there are other times that your body, mind, emotional self or Spiritual self needs some intensive focused support.

All of these are available to you and with a strong foundation together we pick up exactly where we need to to help you move forward.

Drop-in Healing Consultations (55 Minutes)

You must have a New Client Consultation on file with me prior to booking an individual session

During our 55-minute session, we will dive into the root of your energy patterns to clear them and create new, healthier patterns.

We can look into a specific, known issue (clinical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual) or you can bring a list of many issues or themes coming up your life. I use spoken and sensation-based dialog to guide our time together and bring to light that, which needs to be released. I also use my expanded senses and my gentle, yet precise connection to the Divine to bring forward information that will support new insights, awareness’s, and energetic patterns. Often these span the stories and patterns of many lifetimes in addition to clearing up many deeply held physical patterns that have energetic roots.

Many individuals seek care for physical issues, chronic headaches (including migraines); stress, trauma, and anxiety; oncology support; Spiritual exploration, limiting beliefs; emotional wounds; ancestral issues, and unhealthy patterns.

Pricing: $250

Intensive Healing Consultations (30 Minutes over Zoom)

Looking for a quick, laser-focused healing or intuitive consultation on a specific issue? This is what you need.

During our time together, I use spoken and sensation-based dialog to guide us while tapping into my expanded senses and gentle yet precise connection to the Divine to bring forward information that supports new insights, awareness, and energetic patterns.  

Whether seeking intuitive insight to activate a healing process or reset and reground after a challenging experience, these sessions are perfect for providing the targeted support you need.

And right now, we’re waiving the New Client Consultation requirement for these integration sessions, so you can dive right in and experience the powerful healing and transformative effects for yourself.

Pricing: $185

Other ways we can work together

If you want more consistent support or have been looking for an intuitive Spiritual or professional mentor, please read about Energetic Spiritual Mentoring.

If you want to dive deep into the programming of your bio-field, please read about Bio-Field Therapeutics

If you want to explore ongoing-grounding support through an affordable community-based model please read about my Grounding Circle.  

If you are about to go through surgery and want me to work with your surgical team and support your surgery, I recommend that you visit my Energy Medicine in Surgery website to read about this unique offering.

Scheduling Q&A's

How do I schedule an appointment with you?

Please introduce yourself through this form, and I or a member of my incredible team will contact you.


How do you conduct your sessions?

I typically work over the phone on a secure line; however if you wish to see me in person or meet over Zoom these are both possible.

My private home office is located just north of Hillsborough, NC.

The closest airport in RDU - Raleigh Durham International.


Transformational Classes and
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Transformational Classes and
Soul-Affirming Programs with Amelia


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