My Approach

Throughout our time together we return to grounding in safety, grounding in inner resources, and grounding in new perspective.  This can take the form of exploring your bio-field through new quantum and frequency-based assessments or through intuitive healing.  These are all in support of your establishing deeper roots, high perspective, and a resourced nervous system.

All healing is self-healing, but on this journey, you are never alone. It is my job to stand for you, stand with you, clear obstacles, offer resources and vibrational remedies. I support your healing using evidence-based practices, such as somatic inquiry and neuroplasticity and offer you my tremendous toolkit of energetic resources all in service of your coming more home to your authentic grounded Self.

Growth begins with affirming your new story, your new perspective, your updated vibration, and it includes seeding new wisdom that will carry you forward and continue to support your curiosity, your resilience, and allow you to celebrate your life. Growth can take the form of healing sessions, Spiritual mentorship, classes, events, or group programs through my online transformation-focused training center - Vogler Institute.

This simple but profound process sits upon years and years of experience, training, and applied clinical, cosmological and scientific perspective.  Fundamentally, I believe that all healing follows the laws of the Universe, that as above is so below and as within is so beyond, and that we always reference that greater cosmological process that is spiraling us closer and closer aliveness and creativity.

I use these natural patterns and rhythms to inform your larger path of transformation - giving us guide posts for orientation and potentials.   The scientific base of our sessions are that of quantum physics and mechanics, intention studies, neuroscience, biology, and anatomy and physiology. Clinically, we leverage a tremendous library of perspectives ranging from somatic therapies, advanced energetic anatomy and physiology, inner child work, the energetic frameworks of the hara, the expanded 12 chakra system, and even take advantage of cutting-edge quantum technologies and energetic remedies to explore and heal the energy system.

The Healing Space
Barb, A.  TN

“Everything that you said made so much sense. It just brought my life’s themes together that were previously scattered little bits and pieces. Through our conversation, you brought it all together into the same container. I really think that you are like an angel that has been sent to me.”

How I help

As a highly trained spiritual mentor and natural energy healer, I specialize in helping individuals identify and shift dis-serving patterns in their lives. These patterns can take many forms, such as thoughts about how the world treats you or beliefs about how you should live. 

Although you will always carry your personal history with you, healing is not about erasing patterns; it’s about loosening their hold over you, which can manifest in worry, anxiety, unsettling feelings, or dis-serving limiting beliefs.

Many of the people I work with have an idea of where these patterns came from, but some individuals aren’t sure. Some say, “I sense that I came into the world feeling this way.” Through my work, we explore your essential nature - one that has been with you for a long time - and identify these patterns or energies frozen in your energy system.

Some of the common patterns I hear from clients are that “they never really belonged here;” “they never felt whole;’ “that they feel unlovable;” or “never felt like they could connect with others.” Many people say they have been carrying these feelings their whole lives or know they were seeded in early-childhood experiences. Working with these patterns is a crucial part of my specialty.

Our work together helps you see these patterns or beliefs with a new perspective and allows you to create new meaning and awareness. This new perspective gives you a deeper understanding of yourself and your authentic nature. As a result, you bring yourself to life with a new purpose, and old patterns or ways of knowing yourself become less powerful. This is healing. You then move on to choose more of what aligns with you and explore new resources to nurture and support you.

At the core of my approach is the understanding that each individual is unique. In our first conversation, I’ll likely tell you that you are an individual with your story; your energy will guide us to where we need to go. I take a personalized approach and tailor our work to meet your needs. I’m here to help facilitate that conversation and offer resources, perspective, guidance, and healing.

Some of us start through what I consider a traditional healing model where we meet and explore one primary issue at a time, one session at a time. However, many people find that I have made significant strides in loosening an old pattern’s grip even after the first session. For example, some individuals see me monthly, whereas others see me every three to six months. Others prefer an annual check-up or to bring my intuitive counsel in during challenging times. During our working together, we may find that using my hologram mapping system can provide additional insight as to physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, or ancestral patterns.

Another way I work is through consistent mentoring. If you have always wanted a Spiritual teacher or a guide, this is the space where you can travel your journey with a guide. It’s essential to add that mentoring in my practice includes energy healing as one of the primary therapeutic vehicles. Insightful reflection, intuitive awareness, and energy-based methods accompany our mentoring relationship.

Curious how to ground, heal, and grow together?

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Transformational Classes and
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