What is the Energetic Preventative Care Program™

Each month, you will receive an e-mail, a reminder, that a new self-care, energy-healing session is available.  You can download this recording and take it to a park, to the seaside, to a hammock, or to you bed or couch.  (A copy is also in an online library, which you have access to forever.)

This session is rich with the energy of a group field. Individuals from all over the world came together and were guided by Amelia’s genuine healing gifts. Her voice guides you with a gentle clarity and her channeling seems to attend to exactly what is needed when you listen.

What are the benefits?

Monthly energy sessions are recommended to keep your energy system open and flowing, but not everyone can afford that – until today. I started this program so that anyone could get the consistent support that they need to keep their energy system tuned up and keep themselves flowing through life.

This program is designed to be a healing experience that contains the energy of a living group field. Each time another individual listens their vibration adds to the frequency of the healing field.

This comprehensive program is essentially everything-you-need to keep your energy system maintained. These clinics…

  • Support your immune system (and help to prevent future illness)
  • Increase your physical vitality
  • Help you remember how to relax
  • Support emotional easiness
  • Clear your mental fuzziness
  • Erase your stress and drop into a peaceful quiet
  • Strengthen your unique connection to Spirit
  • Deepen your roots and expand your grounding potential
  • Reclaim the inner conductor of the great concert that is your life

Why once-a-month clinics?

Monthly clinics are important for many reasons. They allow you to:

  • Explore your “dis-ease” from a 360-degree perspective. The imprints of stress, illness, emotional discomfort, and even trauma all exist in the energy system first. When sitting within the group field and the high vibration of these group healings, it is easier for your Spirit to learn its lessons, and for you to let these go BEFORE, you have to learn the lesson through a “physical” experience.
  • Your perspective is seeded in the energy system. The ability to live with a higher perspective is equivalent to the clarity of your energy system, so working to clear this system consistently allows you to continue to access a more elevated and broader perspective without the lower everyday hangups that usually get in the way.
  • When your energy system is open and flowing, you have more vitality and better focus. These sessions help open the flow of energy from the Earth and from Spirit to help you tap into the resources you need to refresh and empower yourself.
  • The more you connect with Spirit, the easier it is to listen to the messages that are waiting for you. These sessions also offer you an opportunity to sit with God (the God of a thousand names and faces) so that you can connect to the source for guidance, support, and to establish your unique relationship with Spirit.
  • A consistent grounding practice teaches your body to stay grounded. These sessions build resiliency and continue to support you, remembering how to truly and fully be here.
  • Gifting yourself an opportunity to come home to yourself spurs revelations that support your health and wellbeing all the way to your DNA.
The Healing Space

“If you think this group healing is less than a “real” session, you’re wrong. This is a bonafide distance healing session! I have been attending Amelia’s Energetic Preventative program for nearly a year. [During these group healings], she takes the group through her skillful intentional and imaginative ways. I had been suffering for the past five days from a sore pulled back/hip muscle and a head cold. This week during her Spiral Meditation, the pain literally spiraled out of my field. I knew I was healed before I even got up from the couch. And I feel great today!! AND, this is not the first time, over the course of many many months, I have felt real and profound benefits from these sessions.”

HTCP. Biofield Tuning Certified Practitioner, Integrative Health Coach

The Program’s History

From March 2020 to December 2021, I held twice-monthly energy clinics to support the physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual, and energetic demands that the pandemic placed upon us.

This new on-demand program, provides the 12 most beloved and most supportive clinics from those times.   They have been professionally mastered to increase the sound quality and new music has been written to support the healing space.  Please know that some variation will be present in these recordings as they were recorded on different day.

Preview a Sample

In this 4 minute sample, you’ve flown through time about 20 minutes into one of our sessions. You’ll notice the art of space that allows you to deepen in your process of healing and receive a hands-on experience.  This is 4 minutes, imagine what an hour can do when you are laying down in a quiet space holding an intention of healing….

Which clinics are included?

The most beloved clinics from 2020-2021 are included in this offering. These include:

Clinic: Wise One Cave Practice

You walk into the wise cave of your heart to sit alongside your Higher Self or a knowledgeable guide.   This cave always exists in your heart as a resource to find one of your guides, helpers, or the voice of your Higher Self.   After finding that space of wisdom, you were guided through a hands-on sequence to balance both the energy body and the physical body.  During this sequence, special attention was called for in the following places:

  • At the hips, where we hold the energies of forwarding movement.  Attending to the feeling of being “fixed or stuck,” the space offered more balancing energies to help support your grounding.
  • At the heart where we hold the energies of innocence and purity. There was congestion over the group heart, a heaviness cleared by gentle sweeping and an energetic “draining” method.
  • At the shoulders where we hold the energies of obligation. There was a lot of heaviness over the group’s shoulders, so support was offered to soften, loosen and release.

Clinic: The Unified Field of Many Colors
We travel to the Unified Field to allow silence, bigness, and the collective consciousness to meet our healing needs.  We use the color vibrations as healing tools by integrating the chakras 1-11.

Clinic: The OK in Right now
We first remember that there is a well of goodness and okayness sitting with you right here.  This supports noticing the breath and the heartbeat, both reminders that you are here, even if there is pain, discomfort, or anxiety nearby.   Then, we move into the dance of the cosmos, reflecting all that you are through a series of affirmations and working through a short integration and mental balancing.

Clinic: The Four Types of Peace
We focus on connecting to the four types of peace – the peace of ease, peace of tranquility, the stability of awareness, and the peace of what is unchanging  – or the peace of the Universal field.   After deepening our connection to peace, we use the matrix energy of the Universal field to expand our capacity for pure possibilities. We continually allow our intentions for healing to be connected to this matrix field.

Clinic: Slow Down
We practice slowing down.  These days we are just busy.  Yes, we might get many things done, which might feel great, but over time, it can start wearing on us.  So here are some things to remember: choose a slow pace; give it a try today to walk a little more slowly.  If you meet someone running a million miles a minute, let yourself not be entrained in their speed.  Make some choices about how to keep your pace.  And finally, be present at the moment that you are in.  Feel the completeness of the moment. We unfold our time today through mostly an embodied intuitive healing. I also offered extra deep physical body support and followed the energy in the group field.

Clinic: Relaxation
We explore the resiliency-building practice of relaxation. Relaxation might seem completely obvious as an intervention for well-being but remember that if you relax mindfully and intentionally for more than one minute, the practice cultivates trait relaxation.  (This is the opposite of trait anxiety, where we have traits that exhibit constant worry, anxiety, and/or fears.)   We used two primary vehicles – in the energetics – we used the energy of peace, and in the physical – we used the breath.  Finally, we close the clinic by using the breath to connect with the nodes of our hara (the energy system of our essence).

Clinic: Ocean Healing
We spend some time by the side of Grandmother Ocean – she who offers the great waters of healing, creation, and purification.   This was followed by a deep and impactful chakra balancing to support the integration of this watery healing.

Clinic: Inner Temple (Mindfulness and Willfulness)
In this month’s clinic, we travel through a lovely experience of acknowledging some of our inner strengths: mindfulness and willfulness. These are two vehicles that allow us to control our reactions to life. These are especially useful to remember and bring forward during times of challenge. In addition, we travel through an excellent balancing of the adrenal and nervous system and a chakra balance to support your energy staying open and flowing.

Clinic: Earth Guardians
We work with Mother Earth and her healing guardians of the four directions.  We used a technique that resembles the body in its star pattern to bring heart balance to the body and empower our path.  The clinic resolved with a deep and impactful nervous system relaxation.

Clinic: Compassion as Healer
We explore the resiliency-building practice of compassion. We listen deeply to the story of a Cardinal teacher who appeared for us this morning at my neighbor’s house.  We follow this with an energetic clearing through the 10th chakra (this life and past-life history) and our central channel.

Clinic: Dreaming without Attachment
We focus on our healing dreams and ground those dreams in our body without attachment, without restriction – with the grounded flow. As a result, your healing dream is filled with ease and filled with the cosmos.

Clinic: Dreaming big Dreams
We explore a journey to reclaim a BIG (or not so big) dream that may be living dormant like a whisper. This clinic is all about reclaiming that dream and offering some energy to it.   I guided you through my “goal manifesting protocol,” and at the end of the clinic, we use the 11th chakra in our hands to empower this dream further and let the Universe take it beyond our energy body.

What is included?

In addition to the 12  hour-long healing clinics, you also have a downloadable and printable PDFs. The first document gives you a place to write your intentions for healing and the second document asks you some questions to help you integrate and process the clinic.   Keeping these gives you a nice record of your year of healing.

There are also two energetic processes as gifts. The first is a process that helps you start your day with a balanced energy field and the second is an energetic-based progressive relaxation to help you fall asleep.

How long are the clinics available?

You keep these forever and ever, so if you should loose a download, you can log in and re-download them.

How do I access the clinics?

Upon signing up, you will receive an e-mail that takes you to a course library that will have your first clinic and where future ones will be placed.

Once a month, you receive an e-mail letting you know that a new clinic is available and instructions will be offered to remind you how to log in and find the programs.  You can listen to your clinic from the course and also download it and take it with you.

There are 12 clinics, so each month of the year, you will receive a clinic.

Program Pricing & Details  

Lifetime access to 12 hour-long energy healing clinics


12 clinics for about the cost of one massage


Includes 2 Free gifts (valued at $16)

Program Access

Immediately after purchase, you will be sent two e-mails. One is a receipt and one confirms your registration in the program and gives you instructions on how to access your first month’s clinic immediately after purchase.

Have questions?  Please write to support@voglerinstitute.com.

What others have said:

Good Morning, Amelia, Yesterday, I listened to the recording [from this month’s clinic] and something important and new happened—I was able to ask for help.

During the healing work, I felt my lower back and belly unclench. I’ve been suffering from strained ligaments for the past three months, and yesterday my back felt so much better. Thank you.

Last session helped me come back to myself. Things I did not even mention however seemed to clear! For example, my bone-on-bone knee pain is gone and pain from my face mask was cleared after your call! That was amazing!

Amelia’s Preventative Care Program has been a heart line for me [even] when I need to join later through the recording. I love Amelia’s voice and poetic intelligence that helps me feel grounded and fluid at once!

About your facilitator…


Amelia Vogler is Founder of the Vogler Institute. She is a Grounding and Energy Medicine Specialist, internationally respected teacher of energy medicine, life coach and meditation guide. She embeds essential energetic practices in her meditations and teachings to support the betterment of humanity. Her goal is to help individuals who don’t feel whole, reclaim the parts of themselves that have felt lost. In addition to her teaching and meditation work, she has an international private practice. In her 15-year career, she has helped over 7,000 individuals re-pattern or transform self-limiting negative beliefs through grounding practices, intuitive insight, and advanced energy medicine. Her practice expands around the globe, serving clients in Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Canada, and the United States.

Program Policies

Format: This is a year-long program that will send you access to a new clinic once a month by e-mail. These files are available in an online library, which you will have access to and available at all times for download through that library.

Access: Lifetime access to this course.

Refunds: No refunds are available for this program. 


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Transformational Classes and
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