Bio-Energetic Assessments and Therapeutics

About Bio-Energetic Assessments and Therapeutics

Dedicated to offering a grounded and holistic foundation for healing coupled with my love of science and technology,  I extend my practice with two well-tested state-of-the art bio-field  assessments and therapeutics. 

Since opening my practice in 2009, I continuously study the quickly changing landscape of therapeutic technology based in frequency and quantum sciences.  I believe in science and appreciate the scientific mind as one of the many ways the Divine speaks through those who carry this Spiritual gift. I have always been interested in how we can apply rigorous problem solving and creative engineering to answer questions, solve problems, and support our evolution. 


In 2023, I incorporated personalized brainwave and holographic-based therapeutics to my practice. The general theme of energy medicine continues to call us more and more to precision healing and we are beginning to see some real traction in the bio-electrical technologies available to us as practitioners. This excites me to no end!  At this time, you will find the following two supplemental assessments and therapies available to integrate with our healing work.

Brainwave therapy takes the well-known and positively studied frequency-based brainwave therapies and increases their efficacy by personalizing the treatment based on your personal tone-based baseline. We will find your home tone together in a short assessment and your therapy is then tailored to you.

Holographic Energetic Mapping is a new quantum-based assessment and healing tool which I find remarkable and fascinating.  In these sessions, together we will take advantage of one of the most comprehensive and nuanced bio-field analyzers available today.

Let’s work together to uncover the roots of your limiting beliefs and physical issues and unlock your true potential and essence.  Please schedule a FREE consultation and let's chat; It may well be that I have the keys to help you open the doors to the grounded life you've been wishing for.

Information and Pricing

Working together

Ground, Heal, and Grow through Bio-Energetic Therapeutics.

Step 1: We begin with a free consultation to connect.  I'll listen to what prompted this healing inquiry and together we'll decide if what you are seeking is possible with one of these assessment and treatment protocols.  In this call, I can also answer your questions and discuss the nuances of your treatment plan. You are an individual, and your individuality is honored.

Step 2: If we decide to pursue Holographic Energetic Mapping, you will be given a form to fill out to help us focus our work and an appointment will be scheduled to review the results and come up with a treatment plan.   If we decide that brainwave support is a great next step, we will schedule our first call where we will flow through a simple assessment and you will receive your frequency-based remedy with instructions on how to use it in that appointment.

Step 3: We’ll work together to determine your healing journey’s best course of action.  You may wish to book a short followup to re-scan your system and discuss new protocols based on what your present moment dictates. Whatever our path, it will become known in perfect time and I am dedicated to ensuring you get the support you need when it feels most generative and important for you.

My ultimate goal is to help you move towards a resilient and empowered felt sense of self-love and authentic grounding. Together, we’ll rediscover what it means to live a grounded life - well in body, mind, and soul.

The Bio Energetic Sessions

Energetic Hologram Mapping & Remedies (1 Hour)

The intention of this session is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of your bio-field, or your complete energy system. We will explore ailments you've been struggling with and how they map to your physical, emotional, mental, Spiritual, and energetic system. From this mapping, sophisticated personalized algorithms offer a new story filled with patterns, connections, and opportunities for healing. 

Many individuals seek care for physical issues, chronic headaches (including migraines); stress, trauma, and anxiety; oncology support; Spiritual exploration, limiting beliefs; emotional wounds; ancestral issues, and unhealthy patterns.

This bio-field device reads the holographic information presented in your energy system and presents a complex and complete assessment of patterns. From this assessment, we receive a whole-person view along with resources and recommendations for healing.  Overlay, my natural intuitive ability to sniff out critical patterning and deep knowledge of how the energy system and physical body are in therapeutic relationship, and the alchemy of this session becomes tremendously impactful for offering the remedies and questions that will guide you to health.  

These recommendations can include:

  • homeopathic remedies
  • herbal remedies
  • traditional Chinese medicine
  • ancestral and planetary perspective
  • life path illumination
  • chakra healing protocols
  • vibrational support - including affirmations, flower essences, and aromatherapy
  • allergens and toxin detox
  • information about your body systems

Prior to this session, you will fill out an extensive (but easy) intake form.  The answers in this form help guide my mapping process. We will meet for an hour to discuss the results.  You will be empowered with a tremendous amount of information, some of which you may want to take to your medical provider or naturopathic doctor.  I also have many vibrational remedies and healing protocols available within my scope of practice.

In this session, you will receive:

  • Holographic Energetic Assessment
  • Intuitive reading of the root issue/s (these could be from this lifetime, an experience picked up in utero, or even a past life).
  • Vibrational remedies (which are billed separately) and recommendations
  • Text message support for a week to help answer questions.

Pricing:  $350

A note about Holographic Mapping Sessions

This is a very new offering and the mapping pre-session assessment takes me a tremendous amount of time. For this reason, if you know that this is a session of interest, I recommend that you get on the waiting list for this appointment and you will be contacted when sessions become available.

Join the Waitlist


At this time, I am booking out into Spring 2024 but am hopeful new appointments will open sooner. I will be offering sessions in the order of the waiting list.

Follow-up Consultation (30 Minutes over phone or Zoom)

Ahead of our 30-minute session, I will run another Holographic Energetic Assessment. This can be using the same question and focus to gauge how you are progressing in your healing, adjust your plan, or include additional remedies or recommendations.

In this session, you will receive:

  • Holographic Energetic Assessment
  • Vibrational remedies (which are billed separately) and recommendations
  • Text message support for a week to help answer questions.

Vibrational remedies are available for an added fee if deemed appropriate.

Pricing: $185


Brainwave Assessment and Personalized Tone Therapies (30 Minutes over Zoom)

Neuroscience has confirmed the efficacy and safety of brainwave therapy to support individuals connect to foundational healing brainwave states. Research has confirmed that using brainwave therapy when the tones are matched to an individuals metabolism, or home tone, is more effective.  Some research has shown that using unmatched binaural tones can even be harmful.

In our session, we will find your home tone through a simple listening assessment.  We will start with my voice guiding you through a simple grounding practice to help you balance your own energy system, then you will listen to the 12 primary notes in a binaural rhythm to find the one that elicits neutrality.  You and I will explore which frequencies will best serve you at this time and I will send you those binaural frequency recordings in your home tone for your continued use. 

 Another very special aspect of this brainwave support is that the Gamma wave, which is known for expanding consciousness and deep meditation or focus exists within each of the other frequencies. This is to allow for the remedies to support generative shifts at a subconscious level.

Here is a chart that shows the brainwave states, their frequency in hertz, how fast they flow (in seconds) and their therapeutic uses.

Uses for these personalized binaural frequency remedies

Meditation, Intuition and Spiritual Support

Theta brainwaves tuned to you can support a deep connection to the flow state of being in "oneness with the Universe." This brainwave also supports creativity and art and helps you to access your intuition and deep unconscious programming. 

Anxiety is a chaotic vibration.  The rhythms tuned to your brain easily create a stable, consistent vibration in the brain of peace and stability.

Depression is a chaotic vibration, normally within the Theta brainwave range.  Alpha and Beta binaural beats tuned to your brain help lift you out of depression to an alert state of peace and stillness.

PTSD and trauma
PTSD and Trauma are chaotic states that are embedded in the nervous system.  All 5 of the brainwave states tuned to you are helpful for stabilizing the brain and nervous system and getting your whole system back into coherence.

Learning, Focus and ADHD
Alpha brainwaves tuned to you are the very best for Learning.  It is a state of presence and alertness where there is no thought — where the brain is still and ready for new information.The main type of ADHD is that the brain can’t go fast enough into the Beta brainwave state.  This is why they give speed or Ritalin to speed up the brain so it can access Beta.   Tuning the Beta binaural beats to a person activates the Beta brainwave state in a perfectly peaceful way so a person can focus, concentrate, think and retain information again.

Creativity and Heart Coherence
Theta is the main creative brainwave state.  It is like daydreaming where new ideas for art or music often come in.  It is also the state where the brain is when in heart coherence (gratitude, compassion, love and Oneness).  Therefore, it can be used to help access these states. 

Traumatic Brain Injury
Brain injuries create chaotic rhythms across the brain.  Tuning the music and Binaural Beat brainwave rhythms to the natural rhythm of the person’s brain before the injury has been incredibly effective in getting the brain back to its own natural healthy consistent rhythm — dramatically increasing recovery time.  All of the brainwave states of Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma tuned to the person are good for getting a person back to where they can focus and enjoy smooth flow of energy through the brain.

Sports Preparation, Training, and Recovery
The ideal state for sports is Relaxed Alert Attention.  Alpha brainwaves are the best for this when tuned to the person. A Theta brainwave state is the ideal state for recovery because it is when the body is totally relaxed and in “the zone.”

Sleep and Relaxation
There are many research projects (particularly those by Jeffrey Thompson) that show the effectiveness of using Binaural Beats within the range of .5 to 4 hertz to entrain the brain into Delta for sleep — particularly when the Binaural Beats are tuned to you by doing a brainwave assessment. Besides using the music before bedtime, the research also shows that by reducing the amount of stress in the body and mind throughout the day, the body is better able to drop into deep sleep at night.

Clinical research has shown that tuning Brainwaves to a person with Autism is incredibly effective. 

Just like a Brain Injury, the brain goes into a chaotic vibration when Alzheimer's is present.  All 5 Brainwave states can be extremely helpful for moving the clock back in the progression of Dementia.

In this consultation, you will receive:

  • Home Tone Assessment
  • All five binaural remedies in your personalized home tone
  • Coaching and recommendations for use
  • Text message support for a week to help answer questions.

This assessment is always over zoom and you must use headphones during the appointment.

Pricing: $185

Drop-In Brainwave Remedies (15 Minutes over phone or Zoom)

This is a short-drop in session to explore additional protocols for using your brainwave tones. 

Pricing: $45

Other Ways we can Work Together

If you want more consistent support or have been looking for an intuitive Spiritual mentor, please read about Energetic Spiritual Mentoring.

If you want private intuitive energy healing, please read about Healing Consultations

If you want to explore ongoing-grounding support through a community-based low-cost model, please read about my Grounding Circle

If you are about to go through surgery and want me to work with your surgical team and support your surgery, I recommend that you visit my Energy Medicine in Surgery website to read about this unique offering.

Scheduling Q&A's

How do I schedule an appointment with you?

Please introduce yourself through this form, and I or a member of my incredible team will contact you.


How do you conduct your sessions?

These two sessions are typically offered remotely by Zoom. 

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